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Number of Self-employed Up 700,000 Since 2008

Number of Self-employed Up 700,000 Since 2008

The number of people registered as self-employed in the UK has increased by 700,000 since 2008 and now accounts for 15% of the UK’s workforce at 4.5 million, according to the Bank of England’s (BoE) report. The report concludes that this unrelenting growth in entrepreneurs is a result of technological and demographic changes, opposing concerns that a rise in self-employed individuals means that employment figures are not as healthy as they may initially be perceived. According to BoE’s analysis the boom indicates an increase in the number of low-paid, less intensive self-employment and not a struggling jobs market as just 4% of those registered as self-employed are looking for a job and there has been a rise in the number of entrepreneurs that earn £5,000-£7,500 a year. The BoE believe tha... »

Older Workers to be the New Faces of British Retail

A new report released by Skillsmart Retail today confirms that changing demographics could transform the British retail industry. It may soon move from being a first job to a career in the twilight years. Announcements that the compulsory retirement age of 65 will be phased out in 2011, confirm predictions that people in the UK will be working longer. Skillsmart Retail’s The Age of Retail report outlines what effect the growing number of older people could have on UK retailers. Over the next ten years, the number of people over 50 is predicted to increase by 22%, whilst the number of young people (16-24) is set to drop by 9%. For an industry that currently draws over 30% of its workforce from the 16 – 24 age group, double the all-industry average, this will have a significant impact. But r... »

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Mature Workers fill Skills Gap

More than 60 per cent of small firms have increased the number of mature workers they employ over the last 12 months, as they cannot find the skills they need in younger recruits, according to employment law firm Peninsula. The research also revealed that 77 per cent of small firms found mature workers to be more loyal and reliable than their younger colleagues, and 78 per cent believed older workers to be effective mentors for younger employees. According to British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) spokesman, Sam Turvey: “At a time when we’re missing key skills among the younger generation, mature workers can add real value to businesses and also contribute by bringing through younger employees,” Since October 2006, age discrimination regulations have made it illegal to treat ... »