5 Common Mistakes When Networking

5 Common Mistakes When Networking

Believe it or not, the art of networking is a skill. A skill that needs to be honed and polished with time invested in order to get your desired results. That result could be an unpublished job that has your name on it or the deepening of business relationships for future business opportunities or simply you want to surround yourself with like-minded individuals who can help you move forward personally or professionally. Whatever your reason for networking it can certainly work for you. But there are five common mistakes we make when networking which reduces the power of in-person relationship building: 1. No clear focus of what you are trying to achieve Ultimately what is your end goal. What are you trying to achieve? You have to build this into a plan. A plan you can commit to which outl... »

Over 35% of Small Businesses Consider Networking Activities Ineffective, Survey Reveals

Research shows that small and medium-sized businesses need a clear online and offline networking strategy to increase social capital An academic report, titled ‘Generating Social Capital’, found that although 94% of small and medium-sized businesses considered ‘word-of-mouth’ as key to a business’ success – and social media as a necessary part of this with 90% having a presence of some sort – over 35% considered their networking activities to be ineffective. The research, commissioned by accountancy firm Kingston Smith LLP and conducted by business schools of the Universities of Surrey and Greenwich, consisted of a survey of more than a 1,000 small and medium-sized businesses owners, plus focus groups and discussions with 25 individual managers. The study also highlighted the importance of... »

Credit where its due - cashing in on the referral economy

Referrals Not Earning Small Firms Commission

Chris Stening, MD of Easynet Connect argues that the ‘referral’ economy is alive and well, but small businesses are missing out. In their latest report, Credit where it’s due – cashing in on the referral economy Easynet looked at the value of, and the barriers to, referral schemes in the SME market. The ‘referral’ economy, whereby businesses refer their favourite suppliers to others in return for a small amount of commission, is a natural development of the personal recommendations that businesses make every day. They found that that a staggering 81% of SMEs regularly refer business to others, while failing to earn a single penny in commission for doing so. SMEs make, on average, three recommendations every month, with the average value of the referrals ... »

Face-To-Face Networking Essential for Small Firms

Face-To-Face Networking Essential for Small Firms

More than a third of small firms believe that networking face to face is still crucial to the success of their business, despite the massive increase of online networking, research by events organiser Business Scene has found. The survey of 500 small businesses also revealed that 66 per cent attend networking events at least once a week. Of those that network face to face, 44 per cent have made more than £1,000 from it in the last year and 20 per cent have made more than £10,000. “Online networking is good for making initial contact, but it’s no replacement for face-to-face networking when it comes to winning new business,” said Business Scene founder, Warren Cass. “People are starting to think about where their next deal is coming from, and they realise... »

Networking at the Xmas Party

If you get your Business Networking wrong this Christmas you may end up Not working. For those small firms still lucky enough to have one, the Christmas party season is about to kick off and for many it is a chance to let their hair down, have a bit of fun and forget the doom & gloom. It is also a once-a-year opportunity to get facetime with the boss – but what do employees do when that five minutes comes along? Do they crack a joke or ask for a pay rise? A new survey reveals employees are four times more likely to make fools of themselves than to try and make an impression on the boss, according to the Orange report How to impress the boss without being boring or making fools of ourselves. Nicolas King, author of Networking: Work Your Contacts to Supercharge Your Career, said: &... »


Free online workspace for networkers

An interactive networking website has been launched offering firms the ability to connect with each other and do business online. Business owners can register for free to use Once signed up, they can advertise their services on the website, as well as use online file storage to upload reports and presentations, and hold online conferences and seminars. Co–creator of Talkbiznow, Martin Warner said: “Most networking sites are just about connecting people, while we are about making quality connections and getting professionals to do business online. For us it’s about creating workgroups that can exchange information and communicate securely. It is free to join, unlike most online business networks.” “We have a unique vision of linking business pro... »


Market Slowdown Firms find Customers via Social Networking

The economic downturn has caused increasing numbers of businesses to use social networking websites as a low–cost way of reaching potential customers, according to business networking website Ecademy. Penny Power, founder of the website, said membership of Ecademy has doubled in the last year. According to Power, online networking sites offer an economical way for businesses to market themselves, and networking is increasingly important for firms wanting to survive the recession. “It saves resources and it’s a very low–cost method of marketing yourself,” said Power. “Because of the fear of recession, people are thinking of ways to reach new customers as they can’t be sure their clients will stay with them. There are many examples of people recommen... »