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Auto Enrolment Pension Scheme Uncertainty Remains as 6.1 Million still ‘Confused’

As auto-enrolment comes into effect for mid-sized firms, 56% of employees are still unclear of what it means More than half of the nation’s employees find the term auto-enrolment confusing and do not know what it relates to. The survey of more than 1,000 full-time employees, conducted by Sage, also found that 27% do not know what the pensions reform means for them and their retirement and 25% have not received any information from their employer. The auto-enrolment scheme, which started the process of rolling out two years ago, means all UK employers that meet a certain criteria must enrol their staff in a workplace pension scheme once their staging date begins. This will affect 1.3 million small and mid-sized businesses, which have a later starting date than large organisations. Business ... »