Business Mentoring Could Enable 5 Million Small Businesses to Double Turnover

Sage statistics reveal business mentoring is an acknowledged advantage to small businesses but barriers mean only 22% of businesses surveyed currently use mentors Closing the ‘mentoring gap’ could enable nearly five million small businesses to potentially double their turnover – generating a boost to the UK economy of millions of pounds – according to research published by software firm Sage. In a survey of over 11,000 small and medium sized enterprises across 17 countries, 89% of participants acknowledged that mentoring would help their business to succeed. However only 22% of the businesses surveyed presently make us of business mentors. The report follows separate but supporting results from the Department for Business Innovation and Skills which showed that 44% of mentored small busine... »

The Coaching and Mentoring Revolution â?? is it working?

Study Exposes Coaching & Mentoring Weakness

Small Business News – 21st January 2009 Few organisations are currently seeking to embed a coaching culture across their businesses Global research from ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) suggests coaching and mentoring is being poorly practised across the finance profession, revealing a lack of understanding of good practice and ultimately leading to poor returns on training investment. Key findings of the report, called The Coaching and Mentoring Revolution – is it working? surveyed 700 ACCA members across 170 countries, reveal that although most organisations believe in coaching and mentoring, it is an aspiration – not a reality. Few organisations are currently seeking to embed a coaching culture across their businesses: 85% of respondents believ... »