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A Fifth of Small Businesses Plan to Hire this Year

Small firms’ improved economic outlook having positive impact on employees’ job security One in five owner-managed businesses plan to recruit this year, according to a business barometer commissioned by the Bank of Cyprus. The Owner Managed Business (OMB) Barometer Index suggested that businesses are growing in confidence with over half of employers stating current employees feel secure in their jobs and 21% planning to hire more staff. Although the majority (59%) of small businesses have no current plans to increase workforce, only 9% ruled out the possibility of recruiting more employees completely. The OMB’s results further emphasise a growing sense of security within the small business community; last month Hiscox’s DNA of an Entrepreneur study revealed that small companies’ confidence... »

Bullying at Work

Job Security concerns Bullied Staff

Staff who are being bullied are suffering in silence rather than risk their job security by complaining, according to recruitment agency Hire Scores. Their survey of more than 900 employees found that one in three staff who had been bullied had been too worried about their job security to report the incident. Hire Scores managing director Lisette Howlett said: “During these tough economic times it is understandable that people are concerned about the repercussions of raising such difficult topics, especially if they feel as though it would either be dealt with insufficiently or not at all,” “Management should have zero tolerance to bullying and should make their staff feel valued and at ease at all times,” she added. The research also found that only 68% of staff th... »