IT infrastructure

Can IT Infrastructure cope with the Speed of IT Evolution?

New report predicts Cloud Computing’s role in a changing society. Smart dust, retinal projection of screens via active contact lenses and Artificial Intelligence replacing people to do humdrum tasks: all stuff of science fiction but all predicted to become science fact according to a futuregazing report. Ian Pearson* was commissioned to polish up his crystal ball by Fujitsu who wanted to look at how the constantly evolving developments in technology will pan out in years to come and the impact it will subsequently have for business IT networks. His Life and How We’ll Live It Futurizon report pulls together a range of current thinking on the pace of change of consumer and business demand. He paints a picture of a world where tiny specks of smart dust dropped through ventilation grills on of... »

Chris Bone, Fujitsu UK

IT Professionals doubt Infrastructures

Nearly two-thirds of leading IT professionals believe their infrastructures are not flexible enough to meet the changing business priorities, according to research released today. Of the 200 top IT professionals surveyed in Fujitsu’s new report entitled Dynamic Infrastructures and the Future of IT, 61% feel that their IT infrastructure will have to be more flexible in order to cope with present economic conditions. The report explores the need for increased agility in the current economic conditions to ensure the businesses that survive, thrive come the recovery. This is set to become the cornerstone of improved competitive advantage. As signs of economic recovery start to appear after a year of doom and gloom, competition in the bounceback is essential – IT professionals can e... »

Efficient IT structures are key for any SME

Efficient IT structures are key for any SME

Watch Show 11 of for expert tips on running your IT operation Show date: Friday 29th May 2009 Show time: 12pm Intelligent Server Processors. Built-In Virtualization. Single Core Servers . . . have we lost you yet? If, like many owner/managers of small businesses, you are simply confused by technical jargon, struggle to get to grips with your company’s IT operations in general, or if you merely don’t have the means or manpower to focus your energies on this vital aspect of running your company, then we seriously recommend you join us for this week’s show. It is vital for all small businesses to pay particular consideration to their IT structure. For example, how many companies won’t invest in a secure, regularly backed-up ... »

Investing in IT

Super SMEs invest way through recession

Small businesses that continue to invest in IT, marketing and staff training are more likely to survive the recession, according to new research. Research from communications firm Plantronics found that 21% of small and medium–sized enterprises (SMEs) have either been unaffected by the economic slowdown or their business was booming. Of these so–called “Super SMEs”, all had increased or maintained their levels of investment in IT infrastructure, staff training or marketing. Super SMEs were also three times more likely to have a disaster plan in place, should the economic climate deteriorate further. Plantronics general manager Paul Clark said: “During times of economic uncertainty, SMEs tend to view investment in IT, staff training and marketing as luxuries in... »