Two Thirds of Internet Users Experience Downtime

The results from 344 respondents to readers, an impartial independent consumer information site covering broadband internet providers, reveals that almost two thirds of people in the UK have experienced an ISP service outage (downtime) during the past 12 months.’s latest survey has revealed that 64.7% have experienced anything from one to five or more periods of ISP downtime (service outages) during the past 12 months. Some 20.9% of the 64.7% total claimed to have had 5 or more periods without any service at all. ISP downtime results in broadband customers being unable to establish an internet connection and can be caused by any number of things, most of which will be outside of an end-users control. Power cuts, thunderstorms producing electrical inter... »

Is 2010 the year SMEs Fully Embrace Cloud Computing?

Overview A year or so ago, the term “cloud computing” was by no means mainstream. While it has certainly been a topic favoured among IT professionals for the last few years – the so-called “next big thing” in technology that could spur a whole new decade of growth – it was only in the latter part of 2009 that it started to gather pace and enter day to day business vocabulary. As early as 2008 small businesses had began to take note of cloud computing, but how seriously were they taking it? It’s one thing to be aware and excited by a new technology, but it’s another thing to run your business on it. To shed some light on this matter, Easynet Connect commissioned research to determine how seriously SMEs were taking the cloud at the end of 2008.... »