Web Guide Helps Employers Prevent IP Infringement

Employers can access free advice on avoiding workplace intellectual property (IP) infringement, following the publication of online guidance by the Intellectual Property Office (IPO). The Preventing Infringement of IP Rights in the Workplace guide contains advice on introducing IP policies, managing staff IP infringement and reporting IP crimes. It also includes PowerPoint slides for managers offering practical help on dealing with IP infringement. “This simple to use, free service will give a steer on everything from setting up IP policies through to how to report IP crime.” said Federation Against Software Theft general counsel Julian Heathcote Hobbins. “Business owners need to ask themselves: is your office or business being used to carry out infringing activities &nda... »

IPO cuts Waiting Time for UK Patent Clearance

Innovative businesses applying for international patents can have their UK protection fast-tracked following the launch of a new scheme by the Intellectual Property Office (IPO). The Patent Cooperation Treaty (UK) (PCT) fast-track scheme aims to reduce waiting times for UK patents that have already passed an international test from around 18 months to just two months. The PCT initiative will provide faster protection to UK and foreign firms planning to sell new products in Britain. This means firms could be able to bring their new products and processes to the domestic market more quickly than ever before. Launching the scheme this week, the UK’s intellectual property minister, Baroness Wilcox, said the new scheme would aid Britain’s emergence from recession. “Innovation ... »

Trade mark registration fee to fall

The cost to businesses of protecting their brands is set to fall as both the UK and Europe take steps to reduce the price of applying for a trade mark. European Union (EU) member states have agreed to cut the charge of applying and registering for a Community Trade Mark (any trade mark which has been registered in the EU) by 40%. This is expected to be introduced in early May. Meanwhile, the UK-based Intellectual Property Office (IPO) has announced a public consultation as it reviews its trade mark fees and services. The review will consider proposals that could see an overall drop in the charges for trade mark registration and more flexibility over when businesses have to pay for the service, including a discount for businesses filing trade marks electronically and a reduction in the fees... »