QuickBooks. It’s About Time

Intuit’s QuickBooks products prove that ease of use saves time – and saving time can mean a lot more than making money. How many times have you heard business people referring to their businesses as ‘my baby’? Come to that, how many times have you heard a parent say ‘this is my full-time job’? The thing is, both children and businesses require our full attention – all of the time. For the small business person this means that once all the money-making schemes are done for the day someone has to sit down and make sure everything adds up. Enter Intuit’s QuickBooks business accounting software and bookkeeping tools. Intuit aims its activities and products squarely at small businesses, with QuickBooks desktop and online software at the hub of everything the company does. It’s all about saving ... »

Intuit QuickBooks Online Goes Mobile

Intuit UK’s recently launched online accounting software, QuickBooks Online, is now available for mobile, so small business customers can keep on top of their business on the move. Mobile access is free for QuickBooks Online subscribers and available on iPhone and Android phones as well as iPad and Android tablets. Using their mobile device, QuickBooks Online subscribers can: Add and edit customers and suppliers on the spot without having to go back to the office Create invoices and email them to customers as soon as a job’s done so they can get paid faster View Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss reports and check bank accounts and credit card balances to have an instant snapshot of the business at their fingertips See who they owe, and who owes them money so they can keep an ey... »

Downturn one year on: 35% of small businesses still unaffected

Downturn one year on: 35% of small businesses still unaffected

Three quarters of small businesses put survival in the recession down to the strength of their own determination and initiative. Six months after the Office for National Statistics (ONS) officially announced that the UK was in a recession, a new report from Intuit, provider of QuickBooks financial management software, reveals how small business Britain has been holding up over the past 12 months. The results of the research show that while one in twenty businesses have been impacted so severely by the recession that their survival may be at risk, encouragingly, one in four felt no noticeable effect and 35% had felt a negligible impact. This can be largely attributed to the sensible business decisions they have made, with three quarters of the businesses interviewed stating their survival w... »