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Recession Fuels Surge in Internet Entrepreneurs

The recession has led to a boom in the numbers of first time entrepreneurs setting up small internet based businesses, according to figures released today. PIXmania-PRO, part of the DSGi group, questioned over 2,000 customers following a surge in demand of 30% for its online reselling services. Feedback from respondents revealed that over half (57%) have been set up by first time entrepreneurs who are turning to the internet to make a living amid concerns over job stability and financial security. The research estimates that over 170,000 Brits have set up online reselling businesses in 2009. Popular with so called "e-Bay entrepreneurs", reselling allows entrepreneurs to sell on products direct from a large retailer without needing to purchase or hold any stock first. The ability ... »

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Internet start-ups first choice of would-be entrepreneurs

> Almost a quarter of British people dream of setting up a business, with internet start-ups the most popular choice, according to Nectar Business. The Nectar Business survey found that of those wanting to start a business, 13 per cent would choose an internet-based firm, nine per cent a tea or coffee shop and seven per cent a pub or restaurant. British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) spokeswoman Fiona Cunningham said that home-based internet businesses were always popular because they are cost-efficient, and that more people were likely to follow their dream in the coming months due to the high level of redundancies. “People have always been keen to start internet-based businesses from home because it is a cheaper option,” said BCC spokeswoman Fiona Cunningham. “As a lot of w... »