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5 Types of Salespeople Your Business Doesn’t Need

5 Types of Salespeople Your Business Doesn’t Need

If you do a quick Google search for “how to become a more effective salesperson”, you’ll be greeted by hundreds upon hundreds of articles outlining the key habits salespeople should be adopting to ensure they hit their quotas on a consistent basis. Less common are articles exposing the negative habits that many sales professionals fall into: those that aren’t always immediately obvious, but nevertheless serve to hamper performance in the long-term. This is particularly problematic for team leaders, who may already lack visibility into the activities of their salespeople. An immediate solution is to build a deeper understanding of the different types of ineffective salespeople. Here are five of the biggest offenders, and the best ways to turn their bad habits into positive, performance-enha... »

Ecommerce Site Design to Increase Sales

by Benjamin Dyer, CEO of desktop ecommerce platform SellerDeck. In my article Questions to Ask a Web Designer when Commissioning your First Ecommerce Site I detailed a number of points any prospective ecommerce merchant should be discussing with their site designer or implementer. In this piece I go a little further and explore some of the fundamentals of ecommerce design and ways to involve prospects with your site. How do you interact with your customers? This is as much a question for you the store owner as it is for the designer of your ecommerce site. The designer needs to think about interaction and getting your products to stand out from the competition. Getting your customers involved and interacting with your store will really pay off. Ways to achieve this could be as simple as in... »

Market Research to Increase Sales, Effective use of

Every Managing Director should set themselves the worthwhile objective of reducing the cost of selling. But how can this be achieved? Quite simply. The more you understand your potential customers, the more effective you can be in reaching them and convincing them to buy. The more you know about which customers are the easy targets, the less communications resources you waste trying to sell to the harder targets. It follows then that the more you understand how your customers buy, the more you can focus your sales and marketing efforts. Every company spends money on attracting the attention of potential customers, taking sales enquiries from them and then converting those leads to business revenue. Whether this is a formal amount set out as sales and marketing budgets, or whether it is han... »