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Politicians Find Hung Parliament Taxing

Politicians Find Hung Parliament Taxing

ACCA looks at how parties’ tax policies will end up post-election Launched to much fanfare over the past month, the parties’ carefully crafted manifesto and policy pledges now face being dropped or changed as politicians seek compromise in light of a hung parliament. With the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats most likely to do a deal, ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) takes a look at the tax policies that may, or may not, make it. Conservative policies Policy Conservative position Liberal Democrat position Agreement? IHT – Raising the IHT threshold to £1m One of the early flagship tax policies of David Cameron’s Conservatives – very popular with the grassroots Attacked by Nick Clegg during the campaign as a tax cut for millionai... »

SMEs  Fear Hung Parliament

SMEs Fear Hung Parliament

Almost two-thirds of small firms are concerned about the potential impact of a hung parliament, a British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) survey has revealed. The BCC poll of 300 small firms found that 65% are concerned about the impact of a hung parliament. Just 22% are unconcerned, and 13% thought the failure to secure a working parliamentary majority at the General Election would be a “good thing”. A hung parliament occurs when no party has an overall majority — more than half of MPs in the House of Commons. Currently, a party would need to win 326 seats in order to have an absolute majority, which according to recent polls is unlikely. If there is a hung parliament, the current Prime Minister will remain in power either by forming a minority Government and trying to get a ... »