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Talent Management in Smaller Businesses

Talent management in smaller businesses – a crucial factor in stimulating growth in the economy and restoring confidence Julian Wenban, head of online business at SHL, discusses today’s talent challenges, the importance of job-matching, and what the smaller business can do to find, hire and retain the right staff The role of SMEs in the economy is often underestimated, when the reality is that they form its backbone and will play a fundamental role in driving its recovery. With so much riding on their success, SMEs must be as careful with business decisions as their larger counterparts – in particular their hiring and employee development decisions. The issue of talent is high on the business agenda this year. Talent mobility, the movement of people between roles at all levels ... »

Choosing an Accountant

A good accountant will save you and your business money, but it’s essential to choose the right one for your particular business. Use the following checklist to find the right person. 1) Ask friends or colleagues for recommendations 2) Check that the accountant is suitably qualified 3) Find out if the accountant has expertise at dealing with your sort of business 4 ) Set up an initial meeting to discuss your needs 5) Find out how much the accountant charges 6) Check who will actually handle your work Choosing an Accountant – Things to Do 1. Ask friends or colleagues for recommendations Ask friends, colleagues or business associates if they would recommend their own accountants. Alternatively, ask your local Business Link or bank manager for advice on accountants in the area or ... »