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Long-Term Care Insurance

LONG-TERM CARE: WHAT, WHEN AND HOW? Introduction This factsheet provides information on the different types of long-term care that an individual may experience. It then explores how much such care is likely to cost, how such costs may be met, and explains the role that long-term care insurance can play as a planned way of meeting all or some of the expense. Long-Term Care Insurance: Frequently Asked Questions What is long-term care? What is the likelihood of my needing care? Does long-term care just mean care in a nursing home? How much care will be required at home? Will my spouse/family be able to look after me? Will the state help me meet the costs of care at home? How much does care at home cost? What happens when it is too difficult to stay at home? Do I have a choice of accommodation... »

Family Protection

As well as protecting the house and the cars, protecting the family should be high on the agenda when considering risks Such protection can be arranged by setting up suitable insurance or assurance policies. What is insurance? Insurance is concerned with protection against risk (an event that may or may not happen). Insurance policies can be obtained to cover virtually any contingency. General policies cover more common events (eg fire, theft or natural disasters like weather conditions). More specific contingencies need underwriting by specialist insurers. As insurance covers risk, policies are written for a period of time or for an amount of cover. The period may extend for one day or several years, but is usually renewed annually. What is assurance? Assurance is a protection against cer... »

Beat the Burglar

The feeling that someone else has been in your home can live with you for a long time. The advice here will help stop you being the next burglary victim. Doors Outside doors should have deadlocks which at least conform to BS3621. These locks can only be opened by key. A burglar cannot just use a plastic card to push back the tongue of the lock or break a glass panel and reach in to open it. Doors which you usually lock from the inside – for example the back door – should also be fitted with bolts. But locks and bolts are only as strong as the door and the frame to which they are fitted. So check the woodwork and replace it if it is at all weak or rotten. Double doors should have bolts (preferably security bolts with removable keys) at the top and bottom of both doors as well as... »