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Kick-start your Growth Marketing Strategy – Don’t Always “Stick To The Knitting”

Don’t Always “Stick To The Knitting” There are two parts to this strategy: One of the most profitable ways to grow your business is by encouraging the client to buy more from you. However, many business owners will simply keep on trying to market their products or services to new customers. This requires a lot of time, effort and most of all… money. Instead, go back to your existing client base with something new, or a new variation of an existing product or service. You already have an relationship with these clients, there is already a ‘dialogue’ going on, so profit from this! The second part of this strategy is of particular importance, depending on the business you’re in. That this; if your business cannot fundamentally continue to trade profitably under its current model then yo... »

Kick-start your Growth Marketing Strategy – Don’t Just Focus On Activity

Don’t Just Focus On Activity If you’re not converting as many sales as you would like to, then you need to change what you do. It does seem like common sense; however I have seen many business owners simply resort to doing ‘more of the same’ to try and obtain better results. It is the equivalent of banging your head against a wall, only a lot harder. If it’s not working, doing more of it won’t make much difference! There is often an emphasis – especially in uncertain times – to focus on closing, closing, closing; and quickly, quickly, quickly! However, a raggedy, ‘this is how it’s done people’ approach from you, or your management team will not work, especially not in the long term. Activity is key, but activity alone is not the answer. Instead, focus on getting better results from what yo... »

Kick-start your Growth Marketing Strategy – Never Cut Back on your Marketing

Never Cut Back On Your Marketing – Instead – Cut Back On Ineffective Marketing This strategy follows on very neatly from the previous one. That is, never cut back on your marketing, but do cut back on ineffective marketing! I urge you to stop running ‘institutionalised’ marketing. The kind whereby you simply plaster your brand all over the place: a flag waving exercise that doesn’t really amount to much, nor lead to any demonstrable results. If you simply plaster your brand all over the place, but there is nothing else demonstrated, then you can never create a reaction but only awareness. And I’m afraid ‘awareness’ without any form of action on the prospects part will never pay the bills. You need to practice the art of direct marketing; building a one-to-one relationship with your prospec... »

Kick-start your Growth Marketing Strategy – Don’t Ignore Stuff!

Don’t Ignore Stuff! There is a tendency, well, a strong tendency, to feel that if we ignore things ‘they will go away’. Unfortunately, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, this probably isn’t going to happen and especially in business! I always urge clients to be ‘active not reactive’ (regardless of the state of the economic climate). As business owners you are innovators, you drive your business. So keep things moving! In tough economic times, it can be difficult to maintain any sense of optimism: even iconic stalwarts of the high street have disappeared, and I’m sure you’ve noticed how your local parade of shops seems to change hands, month in month out. So this may in fact be a good time to really take stock of how your business is performing: to look at your business, critically, and examine ev... »

Kick-start your Growth Marketing Strategy – STOP The Internal Rot!

STOP The Internal Rot! This is key. If you have staff, then it’s very likely that they too, will also be worried about the current economic situation. Don’t forget, your staff are also being fed this diet of doom and gloom from the media! Be open and honest with them. If your employees are seeing cutbacks, redundancies – then naturally they will only think the worse. i.e. who’s next?! You need to educate them. Create an atmosphere of honesty and positivity, and not ‘backs to the walls’ staff meetings. Your staff can help you turn this around, but not if they are subjected to a stream of negativity both inside and outside of your office. Instead try this… Explain the current situation your business is in (either good or bad, or a mixture) and ask for ideas. You need to maintain a cult... »

6 Key Ways to Kick-start your Growth Marketing Strategy in Tough Economic Times

We are living in very uncertain times. However, is the current economic climate solely to blame? In some respects, yes. The state of the economy is not the greatest risk to your business, it’s wholly dependent on your ability to offer a clear, competitive edge; something that clearly resonates with your audience and is a point of differentiation – to systematically generate a supply of qualified leads for your product or service. Simply put, if the business is underperforming, then the greatest risk to the company is your failure to market your business effectively. Believe me, the only economy that matters is your economy. So with this in mind, this series of articles will explore six key business development strategies you must employ today, to ensure you and your business rise above thi... »

Kick-start your Growth Marketing Strategy – Falling Foul of Price Reduction

Falling Foul of Price Reduction At first it seems the obvious strategy: when times are hard, cut back on your prices and offer clients cost-effective appeals. The assumption is then that by cutting prices, volume will naturally increase. However this is not always the case. You see by adopting a price reducing strategy, you enter very choppy waters, because you are then chasing volume and not value. Consequently by reducing your prices, you then have to generate an even greater volume of sales to compensate for the reduced margins you now face. So, don’t be tempted to cut your prices: this not only devalues your product or service, but also sends out the wrong message. When times are tough, what do we ultimately want? I believe it’s this: reassurance. The media is constantly and continuous... »