Tech Start-Ups Offered £70k Support to get off the Ground

Tech Start-Ups Offered 70k Support to get off the Ground

Early-stage clean-technology firms in need of investment are being called on to apply to the Carbon Trust’s Incubator scheme, where they can get the initial support they need to help attract funding. The idea behind the Incubator scheme, which started in 2004, is to give innovative start-ups a good basis for attracting private sector investment. Businesses that go through The Carbon Trust’s incubator programme typically attract £16 of private investor funding for every £1 spent on their support by the Trust. Successful applicants to the scheme will receive up to £70,000 of tailored support from one or more of the Carbon Trust’s six incubator partners, which offer services such as business development, market research and guidance on intellectual property... »

Getting a Grant for Your Business

Securing grant funding could really help your business develop and grow. But even experts can find it difficult to keep track of the hundreds of different grant schemes which keep appearing and then disappearing. This briefing outlines the kind of grants available to small and medium-sized businesses. It explains the criteria a project must meet to qualify for a grant, and the potential benefits and pitfalls involved in applying. This briefing covers: Which business activities are most likely to qualify. Factors that could affect your eligibility. How to identify grants you may be entitled to. How to apply. »