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Grant Funding Scheme Turns Down 99 Per Cent of Applicants

Grant Funding Scheme Turns Down 99 Per Cent of Applicants

As few as one per cent of small firms that have applied for funding through the Government’s Enterprise Finance Guarantee (EFG) scheme have received help, according to a survey by financial adviser Clifton Asset Management (CAM). The survey of 1,000 small businesses also found that just 68 per cent had heard of the scheme – and almost all of these (93 per cent) did not think it would be worth applying for because the application criteria is so tight. The EFG scheme was announced in January this year, and is a Government initiative supporting up to £1.3 billion of new lending to viable businesses with a turnover of up to £25 million. Under the terms of the scheme, banks are advised to lend to businesses that they would be happy to lend to commercially, regardless of ... »

Retailers get Government Grants for Security

Retailers get Government Grants for Security

Small retailers can now apply for government grants to improve the security of their premises, following the launch of a Government campaign to tackle crime against small businesses. The £5 million fund has been launched as part of the Government’s Retail Crime Action Plan (RCAP). Individual grants of up to £3,000 are available to enable small retail businesses to buy security devices such as burglar alarms, security grills, UV markers to detect counterfeit bank notes and dye packs to mark valuable goods. Partnerships of small retailers can also bid for collective grants of up to £50,000 to help pay for equipment such as lighting or landscaping, which the Government hopes will help improve neighbourhood security and reduce the risk of crime. Funding is available to ... »

with gas prices likely to rise as much as 70% it's time for government grants to be made available

Government Grants needed for Renewable Energy

With recent news that gas prices are set to soar, it’s not just the UK’s householders that need help with their energy bills. Britain’s numerous small businesses will also have their bottom line affected by increases in fuel and energy bills, rumoured to be at somewhere between 60 and 70% over the next few years, and the only way to offset these costs will be to reduce current levels of energy use and to rely more on generating renewable energy. Whilst saving energy may be the easy bit, generating supplemental renewable energy is a little harder for homes & small business. The technology is there and it is constantly improving but, according to energy expert Andrew Cooper of The Renewable Energy Association, there needs to be a vast improvement in the availability of ... »

Getting a Grant for Your Business

Securing grant funding could really help your business develop and grow. But even experts can find it difficult to keep track of the hundreds of different grant schemes which keep appearing and then disappearing. This briefing outlines the kind of grants available to small and medium-sized businesses. It explains the criteria a project must meet to qualify for a grant, and the potential benefits and pitfalls involved in applying. This briefing covers: Which business activities are most likely to qualify. Factors that could affect your eligibility. How to identify grants you may be entitled to. How to apply. »

Government Grants, All About

This guide aims to throw light on the subject of Government grant and support schemes for small business by clarifying what has historically been a confusing situation and, at the same time, dispelling some of the myths. The purpose of this document is to put you on the right path before you get underway with an application for a particular scheme. The total value of support schemes applicable to UK businesses is estimated at some £5 billion per annum. This guide is intended to help you make sure you get your fair share of that money… »

Finance and Money

What Types of Finance are available to you and what best suits your business now? Getting the right type of funding can make a big difference to the success of your business. This section takes you through some of the main types including: Grants Loans & Overdrafts Venture Capital Using FAQs to help answer some common questions and resources for more in depth information will help equip you to manage your finances successfully, ensure your bills are paid on time and find out what help is available if you suffer from cash flow problems. If you want to talk through your specific situation with an experienced adviser then contact your local Business Link . How will the Chancellor’s 2002 Budget Report affect small businesses? How do I go about obtaining a bank loan? How do I qualify ... »