GE Capital

UK Mid-Sized Businesses Growing Fastest in Europe

Report shows UK mid-sized businesses are set to beat leaders Germany in growth, exports and employment GE Capital’s latest report revealed that the average UK mid-sized business will grow by 6.1% this year, beating Germany (4.8%), Italy (3.8%) and France (3.4%), equating to an estimated revenue growth of £133bn for the UK market. UK mid-sized businesses are closing the gap with Germany’s mid-market in other areas too, with 48% of UK mid-sized businesses planning to expand into new markets compared to Germany’s 40% as well as over double the numbers of jobs expected to be created in the UK – 326,000 compared to Germany’s 150,000. Attracting and maintaining employees with the right skillset was named as the main challenge for UK businesses in the upcoming year, highlighting a potential skill... »