Leasing Business Premises: FAQs for StartUps

If you’re about to start your own business, then one of the most important steps is choosing the right premises to operate from. Get it right and you will have a solid base from which you can start to grow, but get it wrong and it can turn into a big, expensive distraction. The best way to avoid potential future problems is to make sure you understand everything about the premises before you sign the lease. Here are the main questions you should be asking your property agent: Who is responsible for what? Maintenance: Ask what maintenance you are expected to pay for, and what your landlord pays for. Also find out what standards of maintenance you are expected to meet if it’s your responsibility. Meeting standards: Whatever type of business you plan to run, the building you choose will need ... »

Statement of Fitness for Work (The Fit Note)

Statement of Fitness for Work (The Fit Note)

“From Sick Note to Fit Note” Summary From 6 April 2010 the sick note changed to become a fit note. Sick notes (or Medical Statements) are the forms issued by doctors to people when they are ill or injured. They provide advice about whether or not an individual with a health condition is fit for work. They are commonly used by employers as evidence that an employee cannot work for sick pay purposes. Many people with health conditions can, with some basic support from their employer, work as they recover from their condition. This helps the individual because for many people work can help recovery and also benefits the employer by reducing sickness absence. Under the sick note system, doctors could only advise their patient on whether their health condition meant that they should... »

Equal Opportunities FAQs

If you are intending to employ staff, you will need to be aware of the regulations relating to Equal Opportunities and Employees’ Rights. For introductory guidance on this, see our frequently asked questions listed below. You may also find it useful to visit the Equality Direct website. Equality Direct is a confidental advice service aimed at small business that deals with employee relations and people management practices. Additionally Direct Access Government provides regulatory information and guidance and has a section specifically on Equal Opportunities. »

IIP – Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does It Cost? The main cost of achieving the Standard is in the staff time – in seeing how you measure up to the Standard, in working out what changes you need to make and in putting those changes into practice. You’ll have a clear picture of your potential costs once you have identified what changes, if any, your organisation needs to make. How long does it take? It depends very much on what kind of changes, if any, you need to make and how quickly you can put them into practice. You may be able to tie these activities into priorities that you have. Can you do it yourself? Everything is written in clear English so that you can check yourself how your organisation measures up against the Standard. If you decide you do want advice or support, you can contact your local ... »