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Government Agrees Fair Deal on Agency Work

The Government has today agreed a deal between unions and employers that will see agency workers in the UK receive equal treatment after 12 weeks employment. The Government believes this deal can pave the way to reaching agreement in Europe on an agency workers directive that secures this flexibility for the UK. Announcing the agreement, Business Secretary John Hutton said: “This is the right deal for Britain. Today’s agreement achieves our twin objectives of flexibility for British employers and fairness for workers. It will give people a fair deal at work without putting their jobs at risk or cutting off a valuable route into employment.” AGENCY WORKERS: JOINT DECLARATION BY GOVERNMENT, THE CBI AND THE TUC The CBI and TUC have reached agreement on how fairer treatment f... »

Getting a Fair Deal On a Mortgage

Buying a home for the first time or moving can be a very exciting time. It can also be very stressful. The chances are that you will need a mortgage. Before you decide which mortgage would suit you best, here are 10 questions the Government suggests you should ask, based on information from Which? magazine on issues which have caused problems for consumers. This document based on information from DTi Consumer Affairs department and Crown Copyright © 2003 »