Man screaming at computer

Email Failure Causes Stress

Unreliable email systems are causing ‘e–rage’ in three-quarters of workers, according to a new survey – and small businesses are particularly likely to suffer. A survey of 1,500 employers and staff by Internet service provider Eclipse Internet found that one in five workers has resorted to physically attacking their computers in frustration when their workplace email account has failed to function properly. “In many small businesses, email is set up and maintained by unqualified personnel,” said Eclipse Internet spokesperson Mark Thomas. “As a result, these companies are more susceptible to suffering the consequences of e–rage.” The National Computer Centre (NCC) said that better IT resourcing and management in small firms would reduce ... »

Technology Failure Tops Small Business Concerns

Anxiety about computer breakdown is more likely to keep small business owners awake at night than heavy workloads and long hours, research by YouGov and Internet security firm Trend Micro has found. Some 42 per cent of small firms surveyed admitted that technology breakdown is their greatest cause of operational concern. The same number cited difficult clients and suppliers as their number one cause of anxiety. But fewer than one in three businesses regarded heavy workloads as their biggest worry, and just one in five were most concerned about long hours. Surprisingly, fewer businesses expressed concern about specific issues relating to technology breakdown â?? loss of critical data and falling victim to cyber crime. This is despite the fact that electronic crime against businesses is on t... »