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A Small Business Guide to Writing a Company Handbook

A Small Business Guide to Writing a Company Handbook

When your start-up or small business reaches a certain maturity, the level of staffing is appropriate, and a full HR department is still a pipe dream, in order to solidify the trust between employer and employee, and confirm what each expects of the other, it can be a good idea to create a (non-contractual) Company Handbook. Though not legally obligatory – and in no way a replacement for the legally required contract of employment – this can prove useful in several ways. Firstly, it helps consolidate and hone your business vision and goals. Secondly, it gives guidance and focus to new starters. If there is something that the company reasonably expects of an employee, it should be included in the handbook. Thirdly, it helps you get your head around (and formalise) the legal and ... »


Small firms offered free redundancy guidance

Small–business owners can access free advice on managing redundancies, following the launch of a new guide from the Equality and Human Rights Commission. ‘The guide to redundancy’ is aimed at small firms that may not have access to in–house professional HR advice and contains information on the various legal issues surrounding redundancy, such as discrimination. It also contains guidance on alternatives to laying off staff such as introducing flexible working and job shares. Equality and Human Rights Commission chief executive Nicola Brewer said: “We recognise that the law around equality and discrimination can be confusing and intimidating for people who don’t have a human resource specialist,” “Our research with small businesses tells us th... »