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Should SMEs consider ‘super-fast’ fibre internet?

Since the publication of the Digital Britain report last summer super-fast, fibre-based broadband connections have been right at the top of the business agenda. The business case for SMEs to adopt super-fast 100 megabits per second (Mbps) fibre connections is now more compelling than ever. At Easynet Connect we’ve witnessed a huge rise in bandwidth demand from our customers in the last few years. All modern businesses need faster, more resilient and more reliable connections to the internet. Super-fast fibre connections are no longer the preserve of large corporations with hundreds of employees and big budgets. In fact, whether or not a 100Mbps fibre connection is good value has far more to do with how a company uses its connection than the number of people in the organisation. Any company... »

Is 2010 the year SMEs Fully Embrace Cloud Computing?

Overview A year or so ago, the term “cloud computing” was by no means mainstream. While it has certainly been a topic favoured among IT professionals for the last few years – the so-called “next big thing” in technology that could spur a whole new decade of growth – it was only in the latter part of 2009 that it started to gather pace and enter day to day business vocabulary. As early as 2008 small businesses had began to take note of cloud computing, but how seriously were they taking it? It’s one thing to be aware and excited by a new technology, but it’s another thing to run your business on it. To shed some light on this matter, Easynet Connect commissioned research to determine how seriously SMEs were taking the cloud at the end of 2008.... »

Will Economic Conditions get worse before they get better?

SureStream Service Launched

Easynet Connect today announced the launch of its new "ground-breaking" 8Mb SureStream service at £399 per month, or less than £5,000 a year. The new leased line equivalent service, which offers synchronous and uncontended (1:1) 8Mb upload and download speeds is available today to small and medium sized businesses across Easynet Connect’s 1,200 exchanges in the UK. Connected to Easynet Connect’s national IP network, the new 8Mb SureStream uses an innovative new line bonding technique. 8Mb SureStream is fully uncontended and said to be around 50% less than the price of equivalent services from their competitors. Over 70% of small businesses will be able to benefit from the new service as Easynet Connect has the largest SDSL coverage in the UK. The service i... »