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Jubilee Celebrations Cause Cashflow Problems for SMEs

The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee could cause serious cashflow problems for UK businesses, according to RBS Invoice Finance, one of the UK’s largest providers of invoice finance solutions. With so many company directors, finance staff, and other signatories expected to take time off during the June celebrations, many important payments could be delayed. In addition, a large number of London-based employees are being encouraged by their employers to work from home during this period, which could cause further disruption. RBS Invoice Finance has created a list of Golden Rules for any companies that are concerned about potential cashflow problems during this period. For a start, the company recommends re-visiting any current cashflow projections with a ‘worst case scenario’ in mind, so that SMEs ca... »

Most Small Firms Plan to Ignore Diamond Jubilee

The majority of small businesses are not planning to give staff an extra day off for the Diamond Jubilee in June and most are fed up with “footing the bill” for royal celebrations, business services firm ELAS has found. The ELAS poll of 700 small firms found that 62% planned to either stay open on 5 June or take the extra bank holiday out of their employee’s regular holiday entitlement. Almost three-quarters said they were against the Government using additional bank holidays as a way of celebrating national events such as the Diamond Jubilee and last year’s Royal Wedding. Like last year’s wedding, the Jubilee is being tacked onto an existing bank holiday, meaning two consecutive days’ lost trade for many businesses. Peter Mooney, ELAS’s head of co... »