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Remember: Today the National Minimum Wage Increases

UK Small Business owners should be aware that the National Minimum Wage increases with effect from today. In addition to your full-time staff you need to include home-workers, part-timers, casual workers, agency staff and employees on short-term contracts. Exceptions to the wage include apprentices, the self-employed, voluntary and Job Centre Plus Work Trial workers. The national minimum wage, previously set at £5.52 an hour, is now £5.73 an hour. This is the main adult rate, for workers aged 22 and over. The development rate of the minimum wage for 18-21 year olds, has increased from £4.60 an hour to £4.77 an hour. The development rate for 16-17 year olds is up from £3.40 an hour to £3.53 an hour. The accomodation offset rises to £31.22 a week (or... »