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Socially-conscious London firms Enter the Dragon Awards

Community-minded London businesses involved in volunteering and local projects have until 13 June to get their efforts recognised by entering the Lord Mayor’s Dragon Awards. The Dragon Awards celebrate community engagement in Greater London’s 33 boroughs and are open to businesses that participate in voluntary projects outside of their core activities, as part of their staff training or out of a sense of corporate and social responsibility (CSR). Small businesses are eligible to enter any of the categories and the judges will typically give an award to one large business and one small business in each one. Charities are not eligible. Social enterprises may be eligible to apply if they are doing community work above and beyond their business objectives. Interested firms must apply online ex... »

Green Handbook Promotes CSR and Sustainable Working

Green Handbook Promotes CSR and Sustainable Working

Case studies and practical advice on corporate responsibility, sustainability and ethical business practice – including the bottom-line business benefits of developing an effective environmental policy – are available in a new handbook from specialist publisher, Kaplan. Called Managing4Good: Kaplan’s Guide to Responsible and Sustainable Business, the book has been written to help organisations create strategies and policies that will have a lasting positive impact on employees, customers, suppliers, the wider community and the environment. Aimed at business leaders and managers responsible for green initiatives, Managing4Good describes the business benefits of ‘going green’ and it gives practical guidelines on how to reduce your carbon footprint and tackle climate change. It al... »

Corporate Responsibility: Adopting an Effective Strategy

The rhetoric surrounding Corporate Responsibility can be off-putting to companies with many small businesses assuming they can never live up to such grand claims. But taken in achievable steps, every company can adopt an effective CR strategy. Patrick Jelly, managing director of Pitney Bowes UK, assesses the reality of CR adoption and outlines how businesses of all sizes can adopt an effective and relevant strategy. CR and CSR sit among those sets of initials – like B2B, CRM, SME – that have simply become assimilated into everyday business speak. CR is a broader term for CSR. To understand what these initials literally stand for is the easy part but, as a casual trawl of the web will reveal, to define what CR (Corporate Responsibility) or the older term CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility... »

Socially Responsible SMEs to enter BITC Awards

Small businesses that can demonstrate outstanding corporate social responsibility (CSR) are being called on to enter Business in the Community’s (BITC) 2010 Awards for Excellence. Small firms can enter any of the 15 main award categories. There is also a specific category for firms with less than 250 employees — the Small Company of the Year Award. Categories include the Talent Award, the Healthy Workplace Award, the Bank of America Climate Change Award and the Active Communities Award. Businesses that can prove their CSR programme has had a positive impact will receive a Big Tick, a nationally recognised logo which they can use on their websites, marketing materials and letterheads. Between three and five businesses in each category will then be shortlisted for the overall awa... »

Sustainability Agenda

Green Business: Sustainable & Responsible

Small and medium-sized enterprises: their role in the sustainability debate ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) says that small businesses can be sustainable and responsible, and that these two worthy attributes are not the sole domain of large business. In the UK, according to the Carbon Trust, Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) generate a quarter of C02 emissions a year. So they have a part to play in sustainable development (SD) and Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR). Rachel Jackson, ACCA’s head of Social and Environmental Issues, says: "ACCA believes that, as well as being compliant with all applicable social and environmental regulations, because of their economic and social significance, SMEs should be included within all voluntary SD an... »