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Firms Trading off the World Cup risk Copyright Infringement

Small firms using the World Cup to boost trade could risk substantial fines if they breach the tournament’s copyright rules, City law firm GSC has warned. Businesses using official logos, emblems and mascots without permission are likely to be forced to stop sales or face a stiff fine from organising bodies FIFA and the FA, according to intellectual property expert Clive Halperin, a partner at GSC. “Even using phrases such as ‘FIFA World Cup’ and ‘South Africa 2010’ is likely to infringe regulations.” “If any promotion of your product or service somehow trades off the World Cup, in the wording or imagery that you use, you need to tread extremely carefully,” added Halperin. “Small firms might feel that they were ‘under the de... »

SMEs uncertain about music licence obligations

Small businesses are uncertain about their legal obligations when playing music for commercial purposes and need clearer guidance to ensure they don’t break the law, according to the Forum of Private Business (FPB). Businesses which play music for commercial purposes risk prosecution for copyright infringement if they do not have the correct licence from the Performing Rights Society (PRS). There are currently more than 40 price tariffs on the PRS website with licence costs, depending on factors such as the size of a business and use of music. According to the PRS, a licence is necessary for any location or premises, outside of home, where music is played. This includes clubs and concert halls, discos and dentists’ waiting rooms, and trains and takeaways. Businesses can even fa... »