Small Businesses May Fall Foul of Cookie Laws

Small firms may fall foul of new EU rules governing the use of cookies on their websites, the Forum of Private Business (FPB) has warned. The majority of businesses in the UK use cookies to analyse online consumer behaviour, according to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), the body responsible for enforcing the law. Under the new law, which was introduced on 26th May 2011, it is now illegal for businesses to use cookies without seeking user consent first. Cookies allow websites to remember visitors and store their preferences such as log-in details, browsing history and ordering information, by installing a small piece of code on a user’s computer. The FPB urged businesses to make any necessary changes to their website as soon as possible, or risk facing a fine of up t... »

ICO Gives Website Owners One Year to Comply with Cookies Law

Organisations and businesses that run websites aimed at UK consumers are being given up to 12 months to ‘get their house in order’ before enforcement of the new EU cookies law begins, Information Commissioner, Christopher Graham said today. The UK government has revised the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations, which come into force in the UK on the 26th May, to address new EU requirements. The Regulations make clear that UK businesses and organisations running websites in the UK need to get consent from visitors to their websites in order to store cookies on users’ computers. One common technique of storing information is widely known as a cookie. This is a small file that a website puts on a user’s computer so that it can remember something, for example the user’s preference... »

Privacy and Cookies

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