circular economy

MacArthur Calls for Redesign Revolution

Dame Ellen MacArthur today called for an urgent ‘redesign revolution’ as she addressed the British Science Festival – Europe’s largest public science event. Speaking to an audience featuring some of the UK’s leading science commentators, MacArthur warned that moving from a ‘take-make-dump’ economy to a ‘circular economy’ was vital.  In the circular economy she endorses, waste becomes food for another cycle or process rather than thrown away. MacArthur’s comments came as her charitable Foundation launched a Post-Graduate Certificate (PGCert) in the circular economy.  It has been developed in partnership with the University of Bradford – the hosts of this year’s festival which last visited the city in 1900. &ld... »

Dame Ellen Floats Business Ideas for Circular Economy

Ellen MacArthur today embarks on the latest challenge of her remarkable career, launching a charitable foundation, supported by key business sector leaders, to focus on how young people in education, learning from the latest business ideas, can help to build a sustainable future. The move is part of a very different journey for MacArthur, who became a sporting legend in 2001 after finishing second in the Vendée Globe solo, non-stop round the world race and again in 2005 as the fastest person to sail single-handedly around the world. It was during that epic voyage that she began to realise there was an even greater challenge ahead. Round-the-World sailing involved the management of limited resources at sea; to be fast you have to be light, so MacArthur managed these resources down to the la... »