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Renting Vehicles Delivers Business Transport Flexibility

Flexibility is key in business and never more so than when the future is shrouded in uncertainty. In terms of transport, short-term vehicle hire, historically known as daily rental but today extending to weeks and months if required, is viewed as providing the flexibility required by many businesses in what continues to be an uncertain trading environment. Simultaneously, companies remain in full control of their operations and with a fleet profile that can be quickly changed to meet changing demand. Short-term vehicle hire also delivers a number of other significant advantages including: Financial advantages Environmental benefits Helping businesses comply with their occupational road risk management responsibilities. Even if companies can access bank credit to buy new vehicles, the quest... »

Employers are Risking Driver Safety

The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) has urged employers to maintain business vehicles, after RAC research revealed that company drivers are twice as likely to be involved in a road traffic accident as the average motorist. “In today’s lean times, when many employers may be tempted to cut costs on vehicle servicing and vehicle checks, we’d remind companies that they are legally responsible for the safety of their employees while at work, and this includes ‘on the road’ work activities,” said IOSH president Ray Hurst. “There are around a thousand work-related deaths on the road each year,” he added. “Although these are not officially reported as occupational accidents, they are nevertheless part of a pattern of workpl... »