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Sources of Funding for Small Business

Once you have exhausted the 3 F’s (Friends, Family and Fools!) for funding your business – where else might you look? In the current climate, funding is still available, however the criteria for obtaining money into your business may be more stringent. Finance for business can be obtained through a number of different sources summarised below: Loans Loans are an excellent source of finance if you have suitable security to borrow against or a reliable earnings stream. This needs to be planned and presented well to obtain funds. Credit cards – Provides up to 56 days free credit if you play the game – otherwise the cost of borrowing is high and not recommended. Overdraft – Banks can be surprisingly supportive when presented with a well thought through plan; albeit the ... »

Getting a Grant for Your Business

Securing grant funding could really help your business develop and grow. But even experts can find it difficult to keep track of the hundreds of different grant schemes which keep appearing and then disappearing. This briefing outlines the kind of grants available to small and medium-sized businesses. It explains the criteria a project must meet to qualify for a grant, and the potential benefits and pitfalls involved in applying. This briefing covers: Which business activities are most likely to qualify. Factors that could affect your eligibility. How to identify grants you may be entitled to. How to apply. »


What do you need to consider when deciding whether to apply for grants? This section takes you through: the types of grant that are available the factors affecting eligibility sources of grant finance The FAQs will help answer some common questions. Grants may not be the best option for your business so you need to consider other types of finance such as loans or venture capital. As there are numerous sources of grants it can take a lot of time and money to look at the options yourself. Grants business advice article Crown Copyright © 2002 »

Finance and Money

What Types of Finance are available to you and what best suits your business now? Getting the right type of funding can make a big difference to the success of your business. This section takes you through some of the main types including: Grants Loans & Overdrafts Venture Capital Using FAQs to help answer some common questions and resources for more in depth information will help equip you to manage your finances successfully, ensure your bills are paid on time and find out what help is available if you suffer from cash flow problems. If you want to talk through your specific situation with an experienced adviser then contact your local Business Link . How will the Chancellor’s 2002 Budget Report affect small businesses? How do I go about obtaining a bank loan? How do I qualify ... »