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Ineffective Broadband is Hindering Small Business Growth

The Federation of Small Businesses reveals half of the UK’s rural small businesses experience ineffective broadband A survey by the Federation of Small Business (FSB) found that half of the small enterprises located in rural areas are unhappy with their broadband services, with FSB chairman Mike Cherry warning that the issue “threatens the expansion of the £400bn rural economy”. According to the FSB research, only 16% of small firms in the rural UK have access to superfast broadband with 14% of small companies referencing this lack of reliable broadband as the key barrier to their growth. The organisation also fear that the problem will get worse as technological advancements makes online access even more relevant for business success – despite the government’s £1bn initiative to make supe... »

What SMEs Should Expect from their Broadband Suppliers

An Ofcom survey out last month (September) that lamented the frequency of complained-about landline and broadband service providers in the UK, has highlighted just how important customer service is to broadband subscribers. Given the reliance of SMEs on internet services, the way in which a service provider interacts with small businesses can have a critical impact on its overall success. Will Lebatteux, Operations Manager at Eclipse Internet, gives his top suggestions on what customers should expect from their service providers, and offers some advice about what you should be looking for before signing on the dotted line… In the event of any service issues, you should be able to reach a real live person quickly Getting through to someone quickly is important to all businesses. Howe... »

Business Broadband Speeds Need to Increase or Face Negative Impact on SMEs

Fast broadband is the key to any small or medium-sized business’ success and that is why this week’s announcement by the Government that every household is to have “super-fast” internet by 2015 is welcome news for leisure and businesses throughout the UK. Because of the way modern technology has moved forward, small businesses and their customers rely on the internet quite heavily and it is now a fundamental resource for communication, sourcing information, conducting analysis and more. Without it, businesses can find themselves left in the dark with regards to up-to-the minute news and changes which are important to their products or services. However, no matter what broadband package you have, there is always the potential for a slow connection or even loss of connection altogether... »

Government Must Deliver on Broadband Pledge, say Business Groups

Small business groups have urged the Government not to backtrack on plans to provide high-speed broadband nationwide by 2017, or risk the collapse of enterprise in rural areas. In 2009, the Labour Government pledged to provide a minimum broadband speed of 2 Mbps for everyone in the UK by 2012, then in the March 2010 Budget it announced plans to roll out super-fast broadband to 90% of the UK by 2017. However, while the new Government has agreed to stick to the commitment to provide 2 Mbps broadband nationwide, it has not confirmed a timetable for this or funding plans. In the Emergency Budget, it suggested the expense would be funded by the private sector — not by a broadband levy as previously planned.  On BBC Radio 5’s Live Drive programme on 14 July, BT Openreach chief executive, Steve R... »

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Business Broadband

It’s an unfortunate truth that many small businesses continue to be slow to reap the substantial rewards that an effective online presence can bring. Indeed a huge proportion of small businesses still use unsuitable consumer internet packages.  This is despite the fact that, without breaking the bank, a good business broadband service can offer much faster download speeds, far greater reliability and, crucially, free 24 hour support when things go wrong. But why is this?  The simple answer is that broadband has never been cheaper and with so many similar sounding broadband packages competing for subscribers; it’s understandable that many small businesses and sole traders are tempted to keep costs downs and select their broadband provider on price alone. Yet when your ... »