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Exporting: The Business Benefits of Trading Internationally

Exporting: The Business Benefits of Trading Internationally

The benefits of exporting can allow companies to: Achieve levels of growth not possible domestically. Increase the resilience of revenues and profits. Spread business risk. Achieve economies of scale not possible domestically. Increase the commercial lifespan of products and services. Increase the returns on investment in R&D Improve financial performance. Improve productivity. Boost their profile and recognition internationally.. Exporting: It’s time to go global Have you ever thought about doing business in overseas markets? If not, or you thought it too difficult, then you might want to think again. Exporting can help you survive and grow. There are real opportunities to trade internationally; UK products, services and expertise continue to be in demand across the world. There are o... »

Is Your Business Benefiting from Social Networking?

Benjamin Dyer is CEO for ecommerce & EPoS supplier SellerDeck and tells you how. Whenever I talk to web businesses, there is a topic that comes up time and time again: social networks. Love them or loath them, 2009 really was the year social networking went mainstream. The pessimists will have you believe this is fuelled by our celebrity-obsessed culture and almost narcissistic fascination with ego searches. However, social networking is bigger than Stephen Fry’s breakfast and hopefully by the end of this article you will see how you can use social networking sites like Twitter to bring some real business benefit. Twitter, the biggest phenomenon of the genre, operates around the open questions “What’s happening?”, and you only have 140 characters to answer. Looking at my own twee... »

The Business Benefits of Investing in People

Discover how Train to Gain can boost your bottom line. With Budget 2008 behind us, many small businesses are looking at how they can make more profit in the upcoming financial year. One of the first things business leaders can establish is how much to invest into their workforce and what their return on investment will be. According to the Learning & Skills Council 2 in 3 businesses have a budget for training staff and with the expansion of Train to Gain in November last year, their investment in staff training can boost profits. Just how can staff training increase a business’s profitability? How many companies actually take advantage of the government-backed scheme? The LSC offer free impartial & independent advice to businesses, matching their training needs with appropria... »