Evaluating Facebook as a Sales Channel

Evaluating Facebook as a Sales Channel

Facebook is an opportunity to promote products and services to millions of daily users, but is it right for you? We look at some of the pros and cons of selling via this channel. Before we begin let’s quantify Facebook. Worldwide it has over 901 million monthly active users (March 2012) with approximately 80% of them outside the North America. In 2011 figures showed that globally, Facebook was being used by 1 in 13 people. 48% of 18-34 year olds checked Facebook when they woke up, with 28% doing so before even getting out of bed. Based on these numbers the opportunity to target this audience is one not to be missed. Pros Targeted advertising Facebook knows a lot about its users – their likes/dislikes, what interests them, how they spend their time, so use this to your advantage to ge... »

Actinic Publishes New Book of 300+ Top Tips for Selling Successfully Online

Ecommerce expert helps start-ups & SMEs make a profit on the internet Actinic, the ecommerce software supplier, announces the latest edition of the book Selling Successfully Online – Over 300 top tips for running an ecommerce website by CEO, Chris Barling. The 145 pages provide objective guidance and practical advice for entrepreneurs, start-ups and small to medium-sized businesses on every aspect of selling on the internet. Selling Successfully Online is available as an A5 paperback from Amazon for £7.99, or for a limited time as a free PDF download from Written and laid out in an easily digestible format which allows readers to dip in and out of particular topics, Chris Barling has collated the best tips from his own articles published over the... »

Tips for Keeping Your Business Competitive With IT

by Benjamin Dyer of ecommerce and EPOS systems supplier, SellerDeck While there are many ways companies can differentiate themselves from the crowd, most business owners tend to focus on their offering and not the business as a whole. In this article I look how technology can give you a helping hand. Slay the dragon From experience I know that a lot of small business owners are always looking at ways to beat their larger brethren. I recently had a conversation with a merchant that went along the lines of “how can I beat Amazon?” This is fairly typical. However larger enterprises have one advantage that sometimes seems impossible to beat – scale. Scale, particularly in low margin businesses gives a bargaining power that’s impossible to compete with. The biggest advantage is the abilit... »