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5 Tips to Help you Prepare for the Bribery Act

With the Bribery Act just a few days away, Ernst & Young is warning that companies should be urgently putting in place measures to be compliant for when the legislation comes into force. John Smart, head of the Fraud Investigation and Disputes Services team at Ernst & Young said: “Companies need to understand the risks they may run if they do not make an active effort to demonstrate their willingness to abide by the Act. Whilst the Bribery Act was originally delayed, it is now just days away and the clock is ticking. Our recent European Fraud Survey found that one in seven employees at large UK companies are prepared to offer cash payments to secure business and little more than half are aware of an anti-bribery policy at their firm, showing there is clearly very significant ... »

Top 5 Tips on Growing a Small Business

Tim Campbell, founder of the Bright Ideas Trust The Government’s focus on the UK’s small businesses in the 2011 Budget highlights the importance of small business growth to the UK economy. The Government should therefore welcome the findings of a recent survey of over 2,000 small business owners by T-Mobile, which found that 48% of small businesses are expecting to see some business growth over the next six months. Tim Campbell, leading small business expert and founder of the Bright Ideas Trust, offers his advice on the steps small businesses can take to secure future growth: Make the most of your small size No business can afford to remain static in the products and services it offers, whether large or small, but small businesses are particularly well-positioned to react quickly to chang... »