Social Media and Organic Content Makes Businesses ‘Human’ and Instils Trust, Report Claims

Shoppers are becoming increasingly sceptical of companies who pay for advertising to increase their following on sites like Facebook

Social Media and Organic Content Makes Businesses ‘Human’ and Instils Trust, Report Claims

Having an active social media presence and providing organic content can help small businesses gain consumer trust, according to a report by Trustpilot.

A survey of 2,000 UK adults revealed that 29% of respondents believe that brands who are active on sites such as Facebook and Twitter appear more ‘human’ with 31% developing a greater sense of trust with a firm if they engage consumers directly with ‘real conservations’.

20% of those surveyed said they even check a business’ social media presence before making a first purchase with them.

Organic content is another big draw for consumers with 24% once again trusting brands that use this method to grow their following with 23% saying they don’t trust businesses who advertise on social media while just 16% pay attention to paid-for content.

James Westlake, UK VP at Trustpilot, said:

“Trust is fundamental to all businesses in order to drive customer loyalty and to attract new customers. As digital technology becomes increasingly prominent in consumers’ lives, it’s important for businesses to assess how to expand their online presence to increase trust in their brands.

“Our research clearly highlights that for many people, brands active on social media are more trustworthy than those who aren’t. This is unsurprising as platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or YouTube increase visibility and understanding of a brand’s reputation and offer.”

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