So, What is Management Coaching, and Does it Work?

Paul Vousden of Corporate Plus Ltd shares his insights into what management coaching is and how it can work for small businesses…

Management coaching

Most people are familiar with the use of coaches in professional sport and the concept has now been adopted for management. In the same way that a coach will guide and encourage the athlete to improve their performance on the running track or rugby ground so a management coach will help a manager really work to the very best of their abilities.

In today’s business world it can be hard to keep things in perspective. A busy executive in a high profile position or the owner of a small to medium sized business is often running to stand still. A full inbox and endless meetings are the modern day thieves of time and managers can get overwhelmed or find they can’t cope with senior colleagues and staff in their teams.

A good management coach is experienced, mature and fairly unflappable and who looks at problems in a very different way to offer real insights and wisdom. In a one or two hour confidential session a good management coach will be able to find out what are the real concerns facing the manager and then start to focus on ways of solving them one by one.

Many managers or SME owners find it difficult to talk about challenges or concerns to their peers or bosses in the workplace so a confidential one to one discussion with an inspirational and clear headed coach can be a really refreshing experience.

When faced with a challenge or a seemingly intractable problem an experienced coach is likely to have either direct experience of this situation or be able to draw some parallels with other companies and environments.

By using a management coach a manager or SME owner can benefit from some individual development time, get help with solving problems and often get back on track with the strategic agenda they should be following to assure the business is a success.

Some people may view coaching as a bit ‘overindulgent’ of managers and leaders but the fact is that we can all benefit from personal development and support. Companies think nothing of investing thousands of pounds on complex training courses and often can’t really measure the tangible benefits. However, a good management coach can make a real difference and the results will be seen in an individual’s improved personal performance, better relationships with colleagues and a generally happier and more productive approach.

At the end of the day the value of management coaching can be judged by the growing popularity of this personal development approach as more and more organisations embrace a powerful way of improving performance, outcomes and of course profits.

So, to summarise, Management coaching…

  • Refreshes and revitalises people management skills
  • Helps candidates set better, clearer more measurable goals
  • Managers reach goals faster and perform at their best
  • In many cases it can solve problems and helps managers make better decisions
  • Can also improve internal and external business relationships
  • In short it helps the experienced manager to be the best that they can be

Paul Vousden is a director of Corporate Plus Ltd, a corporate advisory firm that offers management coaching as part of a suite of services to help its clients achieve their corporate ambitions.

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