Small Firms Consultation Database

What is the Small Firms Consultation Database?

The Small Firms Consultation Database offers small firms the opportunity to influence new regulations at an early stage to take account of the impact they may have on them. It holds details of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) that have agreed to be contacted.

Small firms wishing to be consulted on regulatory issues affecting them should submit their details through the online form.

Why was the Small Firms Consultation database created?

It was created following a recommendation made by the Small Business Council (an independent group of active entrepreneurs) in their 2002 annual report. The database itself allows the Small Business Service (SBS) to contact SMEs on behalf of policy officials to gauge the potential impact of proposed new regulations on small business. It is a key element of the Government’s commitment to ‘Think Small First’ when creating and implementing new regulations that affect business.

How can Policy Officials use the Small Firms Consultation Database?

The SBS can contact SMEs on your behalf to allow you to judge the impact of new regulations on small firms as part of the regulatory impact assessment (RIA)/ Small Firms Impact Test (SFIT) process. The SBS can invite SMEs to:

  • Take part in informal discussions in person or over the phone
  • Attend a focus group
  • Respond to targeted consultations about proposed new regulations

What does the SBS need from you?

If you wish to use the database, you will need to provide details of the information you wish to send to SMEs to the Small Firms Database manager: This must include contact details and a deadline for direct replies from the SMEs.

The information you supply should not exceed one page of text and any files (fliers, PDF files etc) that you would like forwarded should not exceed 2MB in size. If you are sending a questionnaire, please include the reference ‘sbsdb’ somewhere on the form to allow you to measure which respondents were contacted through the Small Firms Database.

What happens next?

Once the SBS have contacted the SMEs, the SMEs will be instructed to reply directly to you. The SBS will tell you the total number of SMEs that were contacted and by which method (email, post etc).

We will ask you to let us know the number of responses you have from SMEs that were contacted through the Small Firms Consultation Database, which will enable the SBS to measure the success rate of the mail shots they circulate and help to improve the way that the database is used in the future.

Need to know more?

For more information on the SBS Small Firms Database, please contact the database manager, Carl Davies by:



Carl Davies
Bay 634 Kingsgate House
66-74 Victoria Street
Telephone: 020 7215 8473
Fax: 020 7215 4369

This document is based on Crown Copyright © 2004

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