Small Businesses Risk Losing Customers Due to Lack of Online Presence

Majority of small and medium enterprises admit to not following up with online customer enquiries

Small Businesses Risk Losing Customers Due to Lack of Online Presence

Small businesses are failing to manage their online presence and are potentially losing customers with the major of UK businesses confessing to not having responded to 25% of online enquiries a new survey by ReachLocal has revealed

The study found that when businesses do reply to customers online, over a third take over an hour to do so (61% when it’s a social media enquiry) – despite research showing that 50% of consumers choose a company because it responded first and data which indicates social selling will grow by 50% over 2015.

While 30% of business owners acknowledged a need to push more of their resources into online marketing, a lack of knowledge amongst small and medium enterprises seems to be the clear obstacle.

54% of business owners said they were unaware of the returns online marketing campaigns deliver and a further 23% said that, of money spent on previous online marketing campaigns, they had no evidence to prove it had been successful.

Finding time to engage online was also a problem for many business owner with 10% saying that it was “too time consuming” and 12% confessing that they “put it off” until it became a much bigger job.

Paul Liascos, UK managing director ReachLocal, said,

“Online marketing can be highly effective, but it’s wasted money if you can’t respond quickly to the enquiries generated. The whole marketing and buying cycle has to work well to ensure that companies do not leak leads.”

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