Small Businesses Risk Cyber Fraud

42% of small and micro businesses have been affected by cybercrime with one in 10 victims of card fraud

Small Businesses Risk Cyber Fraud

A number of small business owners fail to secure their businesses against cybercrime despite 42% admitting that they have fallen victim to it in the past, research by the Association of Accounting Technicians has revealed today.

Of those businesses who have encountered cybercrime, computer viruses were found to be biggest problem with 23% of businesses affected; followed by phishing (where sensitive information is stolen by fraud companies/independents) at 22%, and card fraud at 12%.

Despite the high level of cyber fraud incidents, 31% of small and micro businesses have no protection against computer viruses; 34% have no firewall installed and 14% admit to having no cybercrime protection measures at all.

Mark Farrar, AAT chief executive, commented on the report:

“Keeping online information secure is vital. A security breach could put you out of action and cost you money, which can be fatal for smaller businesses that have very little time and money to spare. Businesses should always protect every aspect of their online profile.”

For more information on how to protect your computer and business against crime, check out Startup’s online security section here.

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