Small Businesses Lack Online Presence

60% of small companies don’t have a website as they believe they are “too small to warrant one” yet worry about their ability to grow as a result

Small Businesses Lack Online Presence

Small and micro-businesses could be missing out on growth opportunities as 60% admit they don’t have a website for their company, new research from GoDaddy has found.

The report, which featured over 500 enterprises with fewer than five employees, revealed that small firms without a website were less confident about their ability to grow in the next three to five years.

More than half (54%) of the respondents who lacked a digital presence said they worried they would not grow while 60% of businesses   with a site said they were confident in future growth.

However, attitudes to having an online presence are shifting. Many small business owners said they would launch a website within the next two years – 75% of which said they plan to launch a website to stay ahead of the competition.

Of the small businesses without a website, the most commonly cited reason was that companies felt they were too small to warrant one (35%), followed by not having enough time to invest in creating a site, and the potential cost of having one (both 19%).

GoDaddy’s VP EMEA, Stefano Maruzzi, commented:

“While we take it for granted in this digital age that everyone is online, the reality is many of the smallest businesses are still to make the leap.

“Large and medium-sized companies learned a long time ago that the most effective way to reach customers globally was through the Internet. It seems that many of their smaller peers are about to do the same, which will change how they grow, how they communicate and perhaps even what they sell.”

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