Small Businesses Encouraged to Adopt More Employee Incentives

61% of workers don’t believe they receive enough perks and want employers to offer flexible working and gym memberships

Small Businesses Encouraged to Adopt More Employee Incentives

UK small businesses are more likely to retain staff and keep them happy by offering practical employee incentives, according to reports by Direct365 and the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM).

When asked what incentives they would prefer, 35% of small business employees said they wanted their employers to introduce flexible working, 27% opted for a company car, 14% said they would prefer gym membership, while 6% said they would like childcare vouchers.

61% of those surveyed said they did not believe they received enough perks in their current job.

More alarmingly, the research found that, of 2,000 employees, 17% of those surveyed were even looking for new employment as they felt underappreciated in their current role.

Phil Turner, head of digital at Direct365, said of the research:

“Many companies tend to behave like ostriches when dealing with employee benefits. They stick their heads in the sand and believe that extreme benefits can make up for other shortcomings.

“However, the truth is that they aren’t necessarily offering perks that their employees really want. Much more thought needs to be put into considering exactly what the employees themselves need.”

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