Small Businesses Ditch Office Spaces As ‘Remote Revolution’ Takes Over

Lean businesses are investing most of their finance in their product or service instead of their infrastructure

Small Businesses Ditch Office Spaces As ‘Remote Revolution’ Takes Over

For the UK’s small business community, traditional offices are becoming a thing of the past in light of a ‘remote working revolution’, a report by Nimvelo suggests.

Polling small and micro-businesses, the survey found that 66% now either operate remotely or employ remote staff and indicated that office spaces are becoming less of a priority – cash-strapped firms are opting to invest more in their product or service instead.

Small businesses in the technology and professional services sector were the most likely to have adopted remote working, while healthcare and manufacturing businesses were the least likely to have flexible working practices in place.

Additionally, the survey found that small firms are now choosing to move away from traditional landlines to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). 70% of the businesses surveyed said switching had proved to be a cost-saving initiative.

Charles Chance, Nimvelo founder and managing director, said of the report:

“Infrastructure costs are becoming increasingly expensive for UK businesses. In our own business, we’ve found that using remote software tools to establish remote ways of working has lowered our overheads and allowed us to invest more into improving the quality of our service.”

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