Small Businesses Adopt Technology Quicker Than Larger Companies

Alongside tech adoption, small firm employees are better ‘listened to' than staff in larger businesses

Small Businesses Adopt Technology Quicker Than Larger Companies

The UK’s small businesses are adopting internet and cloud-based technology quicker than larger companies, a report commissioned by Unify has revealed.

The Way We Work Study survey of 5,000 British, American and German small business ‘knowledge workers’ (those whose job it is to “think for a living”) found that 60% of small businesses now use technology-based tools, compared to just 53% of employees working in large companies.

In another positive note for smaller firms, 76% of small business employees said they felt ‘listened to’ by their employer – a 5% increase on employees of larger businesses.

In addition, small businesses were also found to be more accepting of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies; 61% of small business employees were found to use their own devices at work compared to 47% of those at large organisations.

Despite the rise in tech adoption, employees in small businesses are fearful about their job prospects. 38% are concerned that their current role may not exist in five years’ time due to technological advancements.

Thomas Veit, general manager of channels EMPAC at Unify, said:

“There is no technological gulf between small businesses and large organisations, and in many cases, small businesses are more progressive, as they are forced to do more with less, be innovative, and nimble.

“Our study not only shows the huge impact technology has had on the industry, but the fact small businesses are adopting and integrating it into every aspect of their work.”

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