Small Business Owners Happier Being their Own Boss

UK small enterprises cite family time, holidays, sleep and income as the biggest sacrifices of owning a business

Small Business Owners Happier Being their Own Boss

The majority (71%) of UK small business owners are happier now than they were as an employee a new study by instantprint has found.

The survey of 500 small businesses revealed that while happiness levels had increased, some 46% said they had to sacrifice family time, while 45% had sacrificed going on holiday and 40% income.

While over 50% of business owners noted that they had gained confidence by starting their own business, an eighth of business owners said they only got three to four hours’ sleep a night and a fifth admitting to potentially putting their health at risk by missing a medical appointment due to work.

When asked about their biggest worries, a quarter (26%) of business owners said they were concerned about how government regulations will affect them.

On the process of running a business, comments from small business owners included:

“I say it makes me stressed, but its swings and roundabouts. I’m stressed about meeting deadlines and customer communication, but I’m less stressed than working at my previous job.

“I feel responsible for my employees’ welfare. I worry about money constantly and not having enough family time.”

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