Small Business Employees Call for Better Access to Technology

68% of people working in small firms say they would feel more valued by employers if they had adequate tech facilities

Small Business Employees Call for Better Access to Technology

UK workers in small and medium businesses are demanding that employers provide them with better access to technology in the office, and have raised concerns that lack of access to, and understanding of, new technologies is impacting on their job satisfaction.

According to a survey by CV-Library of 2,400 workers, 68.3% of employees said they would feel more valued if they received improved tech access in the workplace and 74.5% believe better access to tech equipment is “essential” to success within their industries.

Only 61.8% of small business employees feel their boss provides “adequate access” to necessary technology, falling to 40% for trainee employees.

Yet, while many employees want improved tech facilities, 44.7% said they are increasingly worried that tech-enabled connectivity is having a negative effect on their work-life balance and personal lives.

Lee Biggins, CV-Library founder and managing director, said of the findings: “By offering improved access to technology, smaller businesses could improve their chances at attracting strong, tech-savvy candidates to their vacancies, further enhancing their valuable contribution to the UK economy.

“Our survey shows that professionals are increasingly concerned about maintaining a work-life balance and responsibility falls on employers to create a positive working environment whenever possible.”

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