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Business insurance for Small- Medium enterprises provide many factors to take into account when searching for a quote. In order to save you time and effort, before setting out on finding a quote for your business insurance make sure to read up about insurance for your specific business. Whilst it is important to understand the basics of business insurance, gaining knowledge about insurance for your business type will be of great benefit when it comes to searching for the best business insurance quote. Whether you are a pub landlord, a fish and chip shop owner or if you are the owner of a salon, understanding the risks your business is open to will aid your business insurance search. In this article, please find some specific information for the following SME insurance types:

Shop Insurance

It is important to understand that shop insurance is a highly generic term as every shop is unique. As a result, when searching for shop insurance ensure your policy will cover the unique aspects of your property. It is often the case that on some shop 9insurance policies the following features are ‘non standard’. If any of the following apply to you and your business bear this in mind when you are searching for your quote:

  • High risk flood areas
  • High risk stock
  • Flat Roof
  • Start Up

Cafe/ Takeaway Insurance

Cafe or Takeaway insurance policies can be difficult to understand as there are many Factors that must be taken into account. Firstly, most kitchens are unique and therefore have different fittings, extracting systems and cooking appliances. As a result, it is important to take the time to shop for the best takeaway insurance quote for you and your business as the cheapest quote often does not provide the cover that your business needs. Some factors to consider when weighing up the risks of cafe and takeaway insurance can be found below:

  • Delivery insurance
  • Font windows
  • Signs

Restaurant Insurance

Basic restaurant insurance will cover such risks as loss of business, damage to front windows, external signs and canopies as well as loss of produce. However, when searching for restaurant it is easy to overlook additional extras to your basic restaurant insurance policy. Whilst these will add to your premium, the following additional insurance extras may save you money in the long run:

  • Legal expenses
  • Equipment breakdown cover

Salon Insurance

Business insurance can often be complex, none more-so than salon insurance. Finding the right insurance policy for a salon can be difficult die to the range of treatments offered at the salon in question. The term ‘treatment cover’ can cause numerous issues as underwriters do not necessarily understand the treatments and processes required. As a result, when looking for salon insurance it is important to look at a range of beauty insurance policies in order to find the right policy for you and your salon. Alternatively, if you are struggling to find an ideal policy, pick up the phone and get some advice on which policy suits your business best.

Fish and Chip Shop Insurance

As there are tailor made policies especially for fish and chip shop insurance it is wise to compare quotes from a number of locations. However, it is important to remember that price is not the only factor on which to compare fish and chip shop insurance. Business interruption, glass damage and money insurance are all likely to be covered under a basic policy but will goods in transit be covered? As well as checking for types of risks that each policy covers it is also important to note how much each risk is covered for. If you own a large fish and chip shop with a restaurant then some policies may not cover your business for the amount of risk that your fish and chip shop is open to. As with all types of business insurance, it is important not to go by price alone and if in any doubt make use of an insurance expert who can provide you with the best insurance advice for you and your business.

In summary, searching for shop insurance should not be taken lightly. Whilst it is easy to rush and opt for the cheapest quote you can find this is often where many businesses come unstuck further down the line. When comparing quotes ensure you take the time to understand each policy carefully. It is a common mistake to think that the cheaper of two quotes is the best, whilst often the cheaper quote will not cover for a risk that your business is susceptible to. Also, whenever you are in doubt during your shop insurance search remember that there are experts available to run your questions past. It is always worthwhile to discuss your specific requirements with knowledgeable individuals who will provide you with the bets most accurate business insurance advice.

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