Senior Staff Holding Small Businesses Back

UK managers and business leaders need to “drastically improve” their skills if they are to grow successful enterprises

Senior Staff Holding Small Businesses Back

Small businesses leaders and senior level staff lack leadership, strategy, innovation, finance and people management skills, according to a new study from Creative Skillset and Ashridge Business School.

The ‘Creativity and Constraint’ report says that a lack of skills to drive growth is particularly prevalent in smaller firms due to less training and structured learning, and a lack of understanding of the strategic goals of business.

The report, made up of a combination of online and in-person interviews and a literature review, also looked at the best way micro businesses can increase leadership and management strategy – mentoring topped the list.

The report’s co-author, Dr Amy Armstrong, provided a comment with the report:

“The huge success of the creative industries in the United Kingdom cannot be taken for granted despite the growth of the sector.

“We must ensure that the training and strategic leadership needs at the top of the industry is supported to maintain this fantastic success.”

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