Scheme Helps SMEs Benefit from Alternative Energy

With energy prices rising, a new shceme has been launched to help businesses tap into the alternative energy sector.

Recent mainstream media headlines have focused on the consumer market energy debate with five of the "big six" power firms recently ratcheting up prices by an average of 8.1%

Businesses have largely been overlooked and are suffering similarly rising costs, making profitability difficult and potentially threatening prices as costs could be passed on to their own customers.

A new scheme has been launched which helps Britain’s SMEs save money by utilising source of alternative energy.

So far, 70 small firms have committed to the scheme and are converting their roof space with solar panels at zero cost. In return for their solar-panel covered roofspace, the power firm, CBD Energy, are providing members of their scheme with greatly reduced bills.

The Secured Energy Bonds scheme sees SMEs receiving free solar panels and any excess energy they generate is fed back into the national grid.

The scheme has been made possible by government subsidies that help the UK to reduce its carbon emissions by investing in alternative sources of non-polluting energy generation.

This is all part of the governments commitment to meet its obkigations under the Kyoto Protocol, an international treaty binding nations to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

The British Government has a target to reduce carbon emissions by 60% by 2050 comapred to 1990 levels and by subsidising carbon reduction schemes, demand for alternaitve energy sources has been driven up.

By the end of 2011, there were 230,000 solar power projects up and running and generating electricity in the UK. These solar schemes initially generated 750 megawatts of power and output had increased to 1,000 megawatts by early 2012.

Gerry McGowan, the Chief Executive of CBD Energy, said of the initiative:

"This scheme helps small businesses by giving them significant discounts to their power pricing, up to 50%"

"The great thing about solar is that, ince it’s installed, you know what your power costs are for the twenty year life of the system."

Investors in the Secured Energy Bonds scheme can make a 6.5% interest per annum from an investment of as little as £2,000

Businesses interested in investing can visit for more information or, to be involved as a partner in installing and generating solar power with significantly reduced energy bills fill in your details on their contact page.

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