Postage from your desktop with Royal Mail SmartStamp®

You can now print postage straight onto envelopes or labels from your PC, using your existing printer.

Royal Mail’s SmartStamp™ software is easy to use and it not only saves you time, trouble and money but can also enhance your company’s image, through the smart appearance of your mail

Bring the mailroom to you

Why be tied down by standard office opening hours, when you can buy your office postage online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. SmartStamp™ enables you to prepare all your mail from the comfort of your desk, in a fraction of the normal time. At the touch of a button, you can print large batches of stamped addressed envelopes using mail merge

Stay in control of your budget

As every postage is recorded in your account, its easy to keep track of how much your company spends on mail. Using a company debit or credit card, you deposit a sum of your choice in your account. When the funds are nearly exhausted, the system prompts you to top up your account. As every transaction is accounted for, you can easily monitor spending – and you can print out a copy of your statement whenever you wish.

All staff can print stamps from their own PC

The time and effort saving benefits of SmartStamp™ are too useful not to be shared with everyone in the office. All members of staff can access a single company account from their PCs. Free CD/Internet downloads allow easy installation for multiple users. Access can be restricted through different passwords that allow different privileges (e.g. only certain staff may have the password for printing stamps). Even people who work away from the office can access the account using their password and account number.

Preparing mail has never been so effortless

There is no need to change your existing equipment as SmartStamp™ is compatible with all modern PCs and printers. The SmartStamp™ software can be used with you Microsoft Outlook contacts address book. You can print envelopes one at a time or print several in advance, to use throughout the day. The software includes useful tips on printing on envelopes. As an alternative to printing on envelopes, you can print stamps onto sticky labels. As well as 1st and 2nd class mail, you can print postage for most Royal Mail UK and overseas services.

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